23 January 2019


"As the new sun rises in a brand New Year, may it bring you good luck, prosperity, joy & contentment"

Plan your Chinese New Year with family, friends or colleagues at Aston Imperial Bekasi Hotel & Conference Center. As we offer special halal menu in our Imperial Coffee Shop: Chinese Buffet Dinner on February 4th 2019 & Chinese Buffet Brunch on February 5th 2019.


FORTUNE for Rp 208,000 nett/person:
Fruit Salad
Chicken and Noodles Soup
Fish Maw Soup with Vegetables
Deep Fried Crispy Fish Tossed with Salted Egg
Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut
Lo Han Chai
Pudding Almond
Chinese Tea

PROSPERITY for Rp 258,000 nett/person:
Poach Chicken Wing in Sesame
Chinese Mushroom Soup Tossed with Fried Wonton
Crispy Lemon Chicken
Wok Fried Fillet Beef Ginger and Scallion
Steamed Mahi Mahi with Black Bean Sauce
Yang Chow Fried Rice
I Fu Mie
Es Shanghai
Chinese Tea

HAPPINESS for Rp 298,000 nett/person:
Prawn Salad
Crab Meat Soup
Deep Fried Mahi-Mahi Layered with Salted Egg
Wok Fried Chicken Kung Pao
Prawn Mentega
Broccoli with Homemade Xo
Cantonese Fried Rice
Fried Noodles with Seafood
Pudding Almond
Slice Fresh Fruit
Chinese Tea

More info:
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