Aston Manado Hotel serving Luxury dessert Pudding

09 February 2017

Aston Manado Hotel serving Luxury dessert Pudding

After main course, dessert always presence , like pudding always looked forward as a dessert.
Aston Manado Hotel, is provided custard-pudding so luxurious, and with a variety of different flavors, to give satisfaction to visitors.

For dessert, Aston Manado Hotel provides a wide range of puddings.Although pudding sounded very common, but typical pudding Aston Manado hotel is different.

Chocolate pudding, made in three layers namely chocolate pudding on the bottom, then coated Fla (white milk) and decorated with cherry fruit on it to beautify the appearance of the pudding.
To Fla own material, made of alloy fresh milk, egg yolks and cornstarch.

* Mix pudding.
Making Mix pudding is, do not use dyes at all. Pudding Mix the ingredients, using Fla, jam, and decorated with mint leaves or pandan leaves to enhance the appearance.

The pastries are also added comment, is a cake of the most interested visitors. Because, in addition to tastes good, looks too tempting..