Aston Jambi Hotel & Conference Center is strategically located not so far from the center of Jambi’s City. It’s just about 5 minutes to the shopping mall and the business area, 7 minutes to the government offices, and 15 minutes to the airport. The location is surrounded by local & national food stalls and some Traditional Batik Jambi Shops.


Jalan Sultan Agung No.99 Telanaipura, Jambi 36122



Muaro Jambi Temple

Muaro Jambi Temple

Muaro Jambi Temple is one of a relics history which located at Jambi province. The temple predicted already exist on the 11th century ad and under the reign of Sriwijaya’s Kingdom. The temple is one of religious cultural heritage Buddhism worth very high.  
Years ago the temple has taken as one of the places of worship Buddhist faith Tantri Mahayana Buddhism in Indonesia. In 2012 the temple has been launched by President RI at that time Mr.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that the temple is used as Tourism Integrated History in Sumatera Area. To the location, it takes around 90 minutes by car from Aston Jambi Hotel.

Al-Falah Mosque ( Mosque of 1000 Pillars)

Agung Al-Falah Mosque is largest mosque in Jambi province. The mosque was built in 1971 and complete in 1980. A building form of shaped like open pavilion with many columns and a massive domes on top of it. Building forms with the concept of openness without restrictions then generates friendly concept and make this mosque being unique. So this mosque is also known as The mosque of 1000 Pillars. The land of the location where the mosque stands was once a center of the Melayu Kingdom of Jambi (the land of Sultan Thaha Saifudin’s palace). The location is not far from Aston Jambi Hotel, it takes around 7 minutes by the car .

Gentala Arasy Bridge

Gentala Arasy Bridge

Gentala Arasy Bridge is one of the icons of Jambi City. Its began built in 2012 and inaugurated by Vice President RI at that time Mr. Yusuf Kalla. There are two objects in this location, the tower of Gentala and Briges of Pedestrian. Most of people call it Gentala Arasy Bridge. The bridge is a bridge for pedestrians with the shape that resembles the letter “S”. The lenght of the bridge approx 530 m stretching winding over the Batanghari river. Gentala Arasy tower is a museum tell about the history of the sign and the rise of Islam in the Jambi city. In addition, at the end of the bridge is center for food and place to hang out in the afternoon into the evening. From Aston Jambi Hotel, it takes around 10 minutes to the bridge by using car.

Museum Perjuangan Rakyat Jambi

The museum is a mix of Traditional Home style Jambi with modern architecture. The museum consisting of three floors that store collection of replica Catalina RI-001 plane, the red sash, the kampilan (traditional weapons), Diorama of Jambi’s people struggle, Industry communication tools, clothing and weapons of war, religion, numismatika and home appliance. Total collections of the museum were 438 items. The museum is open for public every day from Monday to Sunday except National holiday. From Aston Jambi Hotel to the museum, it takes around 5 minutes by car.

Batik Jambi Shops

Batik Jambi Shops

As with other regions in Indonesia, which has a distinctive fabric, the Jambi city also has a wealth of beautiful textiles in the form of Batik Jambi fabric. In the days of the Sultane, trade and production of Batik Jambi limited. Batik Jambi is a result of craft that can not be owned by any persons, its consumed only by the people who had a high social lives for example royal families and their relatives or the nobility. Nowadays, consumption of Batik Jambi no longer limited to particular society but its belong to the community and pride of Indonesian people. If come to Jambi City it is not complete without came home with a souvenir of Batik Jambi. There are many Batik Jambi shops around the Aston Jambi Hotel which can be visited by walking around 5 minutes only.