Located in the fast growing business district of Jl. R. Suprapto and within easy reach of all Ketapang City’s main points of interest, including the main business district, Government Offices, Hospitals and Banks. The Hotel is not too far from the city center and it normally takes about 15 minutes to reach the airport. The Aston Ketapang City Hotel is a three-star hotel with luxurious 146 rooms & suites, 4 meeting rooms and 1 Ballroom up to 600 persons. The hotel also offers a variety of food & snacks at the Cozy Cafe & Lounge. Guests can enjoy a cocktail/mocktail at the The Royale Club and a song at Diva Karaoke. 

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Jalan R.Suprapto No.68A, Sampit, Delta Pawan, Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan 78851



Aston Ketapang City Hotel
Jl. R. Suprapto 68A, Ketapang - West Kalimantan
78851, Indonesia
P: +62534 3037777
F: +62534 3037878
E: info@astonketapang.com 

Gunung Palung National Park

Gunung Palung National Park

Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP) is a 108,000-hectare protected area located in and around the Gunung Palung and Gunung Panti mountains in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Gunung Palung's mountain landscape, wildlife diversity and accessibility should make it the premier rainforest trekking location in Kalimantan. With a large population of wild orangutans, hundreds of acrobatic gibbons, sun bears, clouded leopards, and old-growth trees so large four people can't reach around them, the park is one of the last great pockets of primary rainforest on the island.

Hutan Kota

This forest is still attractive, There are some of species Flora forest plants still complete life in this forest, also too its Fauna like various of bird and primate. Many tenagers adolescent, lover nature, and Pramuka that is practice without bond in this City Forest. Situation of luxuriant and still original too. We hope this City Forest can make comfort. Education and tourism is very good. Located in City and its transportation is enough fast to arrive in City Forest, we can go by car or bus and motor - cycle will beyond river, because it’s located too river edges.

Pulau Datok Beach

Pulau Datok Beach

Pulau Datok Beach is located at Sukadana sub-district, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan. The beach is one of the main tourism objects of North Kayong Regency. Its location is not far from the center of the government of North Kayong Regency. To go to Pulau Datok Beach only takes around 10 minutes from the center of Sukadana city. From Ketapang city, the trip is continued by using land transportation for around 2 hours, taking a distance of 78 kilometers to Sukadana city. Pulau Datok Beach is really beautiful and natural, a combination between beach, hill and bay.  The calm waves with clean white sand make anybody loves to play and swim at the beach. When the evening comes, don’t go away from the beach, as you can enjoy the sunset in the West horizon. The beach is also surrounded by rocky bay on its left and right sides. Part of the bay is really attractive for hiking, climbing the cliff and other natural challenges. Pulau Datok Beach is completed with various kinds of playing grounds such as banana boat, flying fox and many others. 

Tanjung Belandang Beach

Tanjung Belandang Beach is an area which have a potential and attractiveness as a tourist attraction. There are lots of little huts here. Is perfect for enjoying the beautiful sea with the waves and the breeze rustling. We can also watch the sunset here. The located only 20 minutes from Aston Ketapang City Hotel.

Royal Palace Matan Tanjung Pura

Royal Palace Matan Tanjung Pura

Royal Palace matan Tanjung Pura is one of the very historic cultural heritage in Ketapang. Located only 15 minutes from Aston Ketapang City Hotel and free shuttle facilities to visit this place.