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Taman Old Mosque

Taman Old Mosque

“Taman Old Mosque” or also called Masjid Kuno Taman by local people, it was built by Kyai Ageng Misbach or Kyai Donopuro in 1754 on Taman district. This mosque used to called as Donopuro Mosque which built on the Mataram Land. This place was given to the Kanjeng Pangeran Rangga Prawirodirjo I when he became a regent in Mataram. The kingdom placed on the east of the Lawu Mountain . The main building was made from teak wood and there are three large doors. These mosque show to the Madiun society that Islam religion has begin.

Madiun Square

Madiun square is located in the center of town where many people from all over the city can meet, people usually doing some activities in this place, such as exercise, relaxing and gather with some friends. The are some PKL ( street vendor ) which sell food and souvenirs. This place also contains of jogging track and a comfortable green open space.

Sugarcane Factory

Sugarcane Factory

These company is one of Dutch heritage with European style architecture and it’s still producing sugar until now. This sugar factory was built in 1894 as a subsidiary of NV Handle MT. Kian Gwan which turned into Oei Tiong Ham Concern as the main company with 100% private share. Since 1961 this factory turned over by the Government and with the notarial deed, Sugarcane Rejo Agung changed their name into PT. PG. Rajawali I until now.

Popular Traditional Food
Madumongso has received a national recognition as the original madiun snack in 2011. Madumongso is a snack made from black rice, sweet and wrapped on colorful paper.
Lempeng puli : Pulli crackers that have a distinctive savory flavor and crunchy.
Dodol : this snack is sweet and tasty on the tongue which made without any preservatives and added some flavors.
Another traditional food from Madiun is PECEL , Pecel contains white rice and served with vegetable and peanut condiment and crackers.

Kuncen Mosque

Kuncen mosque is the oldest mosque in madiun, it has very high historical value mosques , also a former royal heritage, there is a tomb of the regents Madiun inside. There is a big tree which is the origin of the town Madiun.
Hwie Temple in Kiong (tri dharma) is the one of the oldest temples in the land of Java, This temple is about a century old and it’s become one of a reference places to start some business.

Kresek Monument

Kresek Monument

A Historical monuments which built to commemorate historical events in the 1948 madiun PKI’s (Comunist Party) fierceness. The area of this monument is about 2 hectares and consists of monument and inscription that also reliefs engrave the names of the victims from the mess soldiers against PKI. Monument Kresek is currently former homes which used as the headquarters PKI. Monument Kresek also equipped with a variety of public facilities, meeting halls and stalls of culinary cuisine.

Wana Wisata Grape

Grape is ecotourism object where located right at the foot of the city Wilis mountain. Ecotourism Grape is a tourism place which located on the edge of the forest and teak forest with an area of 1.5 ha. There are natural attractions and cool shades with stunning scenery because this place is close to a crystal clear river . That place adds a wonderful cool air atmosphere and stunning scenery which is very suitable to restore the heart and soul for the refreshing of hustle bustle of city life.

Waduk Bening Widas

Waduk Bening Widas

This Dam not only to irrigating reservoir but also as tourism destination with a potential tourism facilities to pamper the potential tourist with natural concept and unspoiled, fairly extensive play areas and tourist potential of this highly abundant water provide a quiet atmosphere . Widas dam also equipped with a flying fox, banana boat, high ropes, boats, tour boats, docks and sport. “Larung Sesaji” is a religious event there, and it become a popular event in Widas Dam.

Sarangan Lake

Sarangan lake is a natural lake that lies at the foot of Lawu montain. this lake area is about 30 hectares and the depths of it’s lake about 30 meters. Sarangan lake have a cool climate with average air temperature between 18 – 23 degrees celsius. There is also Grojogansewu waterfall inside of it.