Superbly located on Jalan Sudirman, right in front of Gereja Sentrum, the historical and oldest church in Manado.

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Sentrum Church Manado

Sentrum Church Manado

The main church of Manado, Gereja Sentrum ("Central Church"), is believed to have been built by VOC (a Dutch East Indies company) in the 19th century and it was called 'Oude Kerk' or ?old church? during this Dutch era. Then it was known as 'Gereja Besar' or Big Church before it was finally called Gereja Sentrum. 

Though the church had been renovated a few times, the stone foundation, some of the walls and the pillars are still original. The Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix and her late husband Prince Claus attended its service when they visited Manado in 1995.

Monumen Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih (Loving Hill) Monument is a symbol that represents peace. In addition, the hill is also used as a place to remind each other to all mankind will be religious harmony. At the top of the Bukit Kasih, you'll find five places of worship of the five religions that have been inaugurated in Indonesia, namely the mosque for Muslims, a church for the Catholic and Protestant, Buddhist Vihara for, and the temple to the Hindu religion. Fifth place of worship has been associated with an access road in the form of winding stairs. Places of worship that have linked the symbols that represent any religions can coexist in harmony without any animosity between religious one with the other religions.

Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park

With many wonderful sites to choose from, the Bunaken Marine Park stretches over 75,000 hectares in the deep waters of the Sulawesi Sea. There are five islands that make up the park, Siladen, Montehage, Nain and of course Bunaken. The fifth one Manado Tua stands out quite literally as it is a magnificent extinct volcano which dominates the four others and the skyline from the panoramic view from our jetty.

The beautiful corals here are to be found surrounding the islands and with a depth from 3 meters to 1300 are home to the many species or sea life to be found here, definitely making this a unique diving experience.

Boulevard Area

The most hype area for Manado people gathering and enjoy the time, either from children, youngster or adult. In the evenings, the Boulevard Area is a center where you find Manado’s best food, and becomes an icon of the city of Manado.

This tourist area is presented Manado as a tourist city that has beautiful beaches and exotic cuisine, as well as being featured region for Manado for increasing the interest of tourists to come and visit the city along the coast of Manado. From this area, the Panorama of nature such as Manado Tua Island that amid oceans could be seen while enjoying the food. Do not miss the views of the sunset which is clearly visible from this region. If you want to watch the beautiful sunset, make sure to be at the Boulevard before 05.00 pm, especially on Saturdays since all seats are usually taken by visitors who come here from all districts outside Manado.

Lake Linow

Lake Linow

Lake Linow is a unique experience for the view reveals three colors in changing sequence. The lake's natural beauty unfolds as a number of grouse fly low from one of its edges before dipping onto its surface that contains sulfur, and hence the three colors. The sun's rays also affect the gradation in color as they reflect and refract off the lake's surface. The lake itself seems to be divided; one side is filled with sulfur while the other side is devoid of it. There is, in fact, a natural canal within the lake that channels the sulfur flowing out of the lake. As a result, there's a strong sulphur odor in the area of Tomohon, especially near Danau Linow. As consequence, an unpleasant smell becomes discernable (similar to rotten eggs) and smoke rises from the soil.