Aston Palembang Hotel & Conference Center offers 4-star rooms and free Wi-Fi access available in all areas. It is only 20 minutes’ drive from Mahmud Badaruddin Airport and conveniently located to major tourism attractions such as Palembang Trade Center, Punti Kayu forest, Ampera bridge and Benteng Kuto Besak fort. 

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Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge is a bridge community pride Palembang, South Sumatra and became Trade Mark for the city of Palembang. The existence of the bridge is very important to connect the pit area and Ilir so that transportation becomes smooth and automatic also facilitate economic life. Ampera bridge is a gift for the community Bung Karno Palembang funded by the Japanese war booty funds (also to build Monas, Jakarta). In the past this bridge was named Bung Karno Bridge, but he did not agree (so there is no cult of the individual), the Ampera more suitable name in accordance with its function as the Message of Suffering of the People, which was once the slogan of the Indonesian nation in the 1960s.

Benteng Kuto Fort

This fort was built in 1780 by the architect is not known with certainty and supervision of the work entrusted to a Chinese. Adhesive cement bricks using existing limestone upland Ogan River coupled with egg white. Time used to build Besak Kuto is approximately 17 years. This palace is occupied officially on Monday on February 21, 1797.

Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island

The drought Island is Fort Pond Bayo. Formerly, in the drought Island are Fort Pond Bayo who became bastions of the first layer and the strongest Sultan Palembang Darussalam to maintain its territory. Dutch Colonial is very difficult to get into the area of Palembang because this castle defense is very strong and tight. They perform a variety of ways to break through this fortress, but still it fails.

Kapitan Village

Kapitan village has long been a region containing Palembang.Di historical value in this village, the residents of Chinese descendants first settled in the city of Palembang pempek still in the colony.
Now, the area that is located on the banks of Musi River has become one of the attractions.