Just 2 hours drive from Jakarta, Anyer is the most popular holiday destination for Jakarta and West Java's residents. With its exotic scenery, sandy beach and breathtaking views over Mount Rakata, the resort enjoys a paradisal location close to the local seafood restaurants, water sports activities, Anyer Lighthouse and the area's most popular beaches, including Karang Bolong Beach and Carita Beach.

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Jl. Karang Bolong Km 139, Kp.Kosambi, Desa Karang Suraga,Kec. Cinangka, Kab. Serang, Banten 42167, INDONESIA



Mercusuar Anyer

Mercusuar Anyer

Before the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, the town of Anyer was once a prosperous port. Visitors to Anyer can now view the famous lighthouse, which is a memorial for the townspeople of Anyer who were killed in the eruption.

Pantai Karang Bolong

Karang Bolong is located approximately 2 km from Aston Anyer Beach Hotel. This famous national landmark was created from volcanic lava from Krakatoa. Visitors can experience the beautiful scenery of large coral cavities and breathtaking sunsets. 

Pantai Jambu

Pantai Jambu

Pantai Jambu has become one of the favorite beaches for tourists who enjoy surfing and is located approximately 3 km from our Hotel.

Kampung Suku Adat Baduy

Baduy is a traditional tribal village located at Rangkasbitung. Tourists can make the fabric woven by the tribal community Baduy and enjoy an incredible cultural experience.

Masjid Agung Banten

Masjid Agung Banten

Masjid Agung Banten is one of the best religious tourist destinations located in Banten.