Due to the construction of Purwosari flyover, access to Aston Solo Hotel via Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan is still accessible. However, it can be reached via Jl. KH Agus Salim or east of Jl. Slamet Riyadi.

+62271 7882000

Jl. Brigjend. Slamet Riyadi No. 373 Solo 57147, Central Java, Indonesia



Museum Batik Danar Hadi

Museum Batik Danar Hadi

The House of Danar Hadi proudly unveils an Integrated Culture Heritage Complex that is destined to become a tourist attraction for the city of Surakarta. It has been founded to preserve and advance the art of batik in Indonesia as part of the national cultural legacy. This integrated tourism center will enhance the attractions to be found in the Central Javanese city, with visitors able to enjoy once again the heritage building Dalem Wuryoningratan, build in the late 19th century and painstakingly restored to its original grandeur by House of Danar Hadi. it takes 10 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel  

Pandawa Water World Solo Baru

A recreational water park located in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo. Completed with the various pool for the adult and children. 
Jl. Cemera Raya Solo Baru, Sukoharjo . It takes 30 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel                                                            
Telp : 0271 - 626955

Pura Mangkunegaran Surakarta

Pura Mangkunegaran Surakarta

Close to the center of the modern city is the smaller palace, Keraton Mangkunegaran. Built in 1757 after a bitter struggle against the founder of Surakarta, Pakubuwono II, by his nephew Raden Mas Said, who was later crowned Pangeran Mangkunegoro I. Although smaller, this Keraton is more intact and is a bit more interesting than its bigger neighbor. The royal family still lives at the back of the palace, but most of the rest is open to the public for guided tours It takes 20 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Sepur Kluthuk 'Jaladara'

Old-fashioned steam train, known as Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara will invite you to tour around various places of interest in Solo. Interestingly, the railway line is directly on the side of the city’s main street, without borders.
When stepping in Jaladara, you can enjoy the beauty of Solo City along the route. You will also have the opportunity to shop and visit historical attractions in some areas between Sangkrah and Purwosari Stations. Some of the destinations visited include Pusat Grosir Solo (PGS), Beteng Trade Center (BTC), Batik Danar Hadi, Radya Pustaka Museum, and the mayor’s official residence Loji Gandung.

Triwindu Antique Market

Triwindu Antique Market

Also known as Windujenar Market, Triwindu Antique Market is located on Jalan Diponegoro, not far from the Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo. Upon entering the market complex, you will be greeted by a pair of statues – a man and a woman sitting in the cross-legged position. Solely dedicated to the sale of antiques, the atmosphere in Triwindu differs from other markets. The building itself, wherein the market is situated, is a two-storey, wooden structure that has stood since 1945, adding to the “antique” feel of the market. It takes 15 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Ngarsopuro Night Market in Solo City

Ngarsopuro Night Market is a night market in the city of Solo, which can be visited on a Saturday night and Sunday night. The region was once lined with electronic shops and was less organized. Since 2009, the area was transformed into a very beautiful place and worth visiting by children, teenage couples, families and groups who want to fill the weekend with relaxing and inexpensive activities. Some products and souvenirs are commonly found here include a variety of Solo souvenirs of clothes, bags, batik-accentuated shoes, pins and stickers which are all unique and interesting. In addition, at the Night Market Ngarsopuro there are also many street foods or traditional food and snacks ready to pamper your taste bud, such as Nasi Liwet, Cabuk Rambak, Wedang Ronde, Solo Sausage, Meatball Grill, Sate Kere. It takes 10 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Batik Village Laweyan

Batik Village Laweyan

Kampoeng Batik (Batik Village) Laweyan is a village of 24.83 hectares and about 2,500 citizens living in it. Laweyan is the oldest Batik Village in Indonesia and is one of the Batik central in Solo. This village was the icon of Batik Solo. Since the 19th century, this village was known as batik village.
The traditional batik art masterpieces continue to be performed by Laweyan’s society until now. The surrounding situation of batik making activities in the past, predominated by the existence of batik entrepreneur as the owner of batik business. That is why the village of Laweyan once known as the village of batik bosses (kampoeng juragan batik).It takes 15 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Umbul Ponggok

Umbul Ponggok is a pond natural tourist developed into tirta, that was more popular in Klaten, Various fish so colorful living in Umbul Ponggok the beautiful makes it a favorite location snorkelling, And can take picture underwater at umbul ponggok, not only that ,umbuk pongok is often to diving training. It takes 40 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Klewer Traditional Market

Klewer Traditional Market

It is the largest batik and textile trading located in the west of Kasunanan Palace. With 3.000

capacity for merchants, Klewer market offers various batik collections and fabrics from all over

Indonesia. It is classified as a traditional market with a unique transaction challenging buyer for

bargaining with the sellers.It takes 14  minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.

Keraton Surakarta / Keraton Kasunanan

Kasunanan Palace is also known as Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat was built in 1745 by King Pakubuwono the 2nd. The Palace is the first thing known upon the discovery of Solo City.
Inside of the palace, there is an exotic art gallery and a museum with royal heirlooms of the kingdom. A cart and its coachman, ancient weapons including keris (Javanese Traditional Weapon), and also antique matters. In the yard of the palace there is a tower called Panggung Sanggabuwana, a mysterious tower as a place for the king to meet the ruler of the Southern Sea. It takes 20 minutes drive from Aston Solo Hotel.