Set within the commercial area. Located within the residential Kahuripan Nirwana Regency, ASTON Sidoarjo City Hotel & Conference Center offers a cool, contemporary ambiance in an ideal central location. It is a short stroll from Surabaya and Malang toll road, giving easy access to the shopping center and Sidoarjo Stadium.

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Suroboyo Carnival Park is a family amusement park that is open at night in the city of Surabaya. As a tourist spot, Suroboyo Carnival Park has exciting rides. More than 50 types of game rides are provided, like Ferris Wheel (Gondola), Bledek Coaster, Blueshake, 4 Dimension Cinema, KBS Lanterns and so on. Not only rides but your eyes will be spoiled with millions of lights in the area around Suroboyo carnival Park. Suroboyo Carnival Park is a new icon in the city of Surabaya.


Jayandaru Monument, is a sculpture by artist Wayan Winten. The monument in the shape of nine 25-meter-tall human statues was built to illustrate the activities of the Sidoarjo people who are the majority of farmers and fishermen.



The name  Mpu Tantular Museum was taken from the name of a famous poet during Prabu Hayam Wuruk's reign. The Museum of Mpu Tantular is famous for its collection of antique and interesting objects, such as collections of high bikes, wooden bikes, garuda ornaments and many more interesting collections. In addition, the entrance ticket is also very cheap, making this place more visited by Sidoarjo city people and outside the city.


Al-Akbar Mosque, also known as Great Mosque of Surabaya, is a national mosque located in Surabaya, East Java. It is the second largest mosque in Indonesia after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta in terms of maximum capacity. The location of the mosque is beside the Surabaya-Porong Highway Road. Its most distinctive feature is its large vertical dome, accompanied by four small blue domes. It also has a minaret with a height of 99 meters, an ode to the 99 Names of Allah.



he Great Mosque of Sidoarjo is one of the largest mosques in the Sidoarjo district. Sultan Agung Street is located, opposite the Sidoarjo Alun-Alun entrance, next to the regional government building and police station. The Great Mosque of Sidoarjo has three floors and several large pillars with marble floors.

In the area behind the Great Mosque of Sidoarjo, there is also the tjondronegoro family tomb complex, including buried there the founder of the mosque mentioned in the inscription. Various activities have been held to keep the atmosphere alive at the Sidoarjo Great Mosque. Such as mass marriage, public markets and various other useful activities. For accommodation from the Sidoarjo Great Mosque, it is very easy to reach, because it is located right in the heart of Sidoarjo. For those of you who like religious tourism, of course the tourist attractions in Sidoarjo are worth a visit.


Gelanggang Sports (GOR) which is the center of a sporting location located in the middle of the city of Sidoarjo is also used as one of the tourist attractions in Sidoarjo. This place is often used as a place for tourism for people who are in Sidoarjo. Inside there is the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium, Indoor Multipurpose Field, Swimming Pool, Boxing Gym, Jogging Track and Tennis Court.

GDS was founded in 1984 at the initiation of the then Sidoarjo regent, Mr. Sugondo, beginning with the establishment of a swimming pool. Then the establishment of a tennis court was continued in 1986, a multipurpose building in 1987, and a soccer field in 1999. The GOR complex was established by the Sidoarjo Regent in the era of Pak Sugondo.



One of the tourist attractions in Sidoarjo and also a hangout that you should not miss is Pazkul Kahuripan Nirwana. This place is a culinary market tour with an outdoor food court concept that is combined with the Go Green concept. The neatly arranged umbrella tables, beautiful gardens, and romantic garden lights, are the main combinations offered by the culinary tourism area located on Jl. Kahuripan Nirwana No.7 Entalsewu, Sidoarjo City.

More than that, here you can also enjoy live music, both pop and jazz. Sometimes even well-known Indonesian musicians are also present to be able to enliven and entertain the visitors of Pazkul Kahuripan Nirwana. To add a more romantic atmosphere, there is also a tandem bicycle rental that you can use to get around while enjoying the evening atmosphere with your partner.


Kampung Batik Jetis is one of the villages that has a batik cultural heritage. Traditional Batik Crafters in Jetis Village are scattered and do it in the houses of the local residents. Kampoeng Jetis is one of the biggest batik centers in Sidoarjo. In this village you will find buildings with colonial architecture that are quite interesting with large windows and antique iron bars.