Located at Batu tourism area, Aston Inn Batu is in close proximity to popular attractions such as Museum Angkut and Jatim Park 1. Surrounded by several mountains,  the hotel is perfectly suited to spend your time relaxing with cooled-mountain air.

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Jatim Park 1

Jatim Park 1

Jatim Park 1 is an interactive laboratory for your world, without encyclopedias and memorization. Historical events, a wealth of geography that lets you here are balanced by various information, such as roller coasters or standing below a giant water bucket. History, physics, biology, sociology, and mathematics: not only the brain absorbs knowledge, the body can not interfere either!

Eco Green Park

Want to learn eco-friendly lifestyle, but do not know where to start? Eco Green Park is the right place to practice your knowledge! Starting from learning biogas and its benefits, using educational toilets that use biogas energy, sorting and processing waste to be compost, and see processed used goods into attractive creations. Do not be afraid of tired, e-bike ready to accompany you around the entire Eco Green Park.

Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut

Museum of Angkut believe that the true mode of transportation is part of civilization. Each mode represents a change and a style in its own time. So, not enough just to bring the vehicle at the exhibition. Museum Angkut revives the function and identity of each vehicle with the interior design of the room that is made similar to the conditions of the original era. Look forward to festivals and parades that complement the museum's journey. Walking in the Museum Angkut Tub runs from time to time!

BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

Nightlife object with integrated family entertainment atmosphere concept combines mall, market, game, sport and entertainment concept in one place and new space in Oro-Oro Ombo area. Batu Night Spectacular wants to live the night of Batu city by presenting spectacular rides.



Selecta tourism has long been established, but it does not reduce the intentions of tourists always visit the Selecta Batu tour, so it is suitable for you to visit in the holiday season or weekend with the family.

The attractiveness of Selecta park is to have cool air, beautiful scenery of the park is clean, thus making visitors feel at home long stay at Selecta tourist sites. But for those of you who want to visit the flower garden of Malang, Selecta recreation park location is located in Tulungrejo village, Bumi Aji sub-district, Batu city. When the center of the city is located around 25 KM while from the city government center of Batu approximately only about 4 KM.

Selecta flower garden has a tourist area of ??about 18 hectares while the plane selecta only 8 hectares. Selecta Park also became a good destination as some local tourists to foreign tourists such as the Netherlands, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Alun Alun Wisata Batu

Alun-alun Kota Wisata Batu is not a plain square that contains fields and parks that sometimes even in the wrong use of young people to dating. Here the traveler will be amazed by various cool support facilities have. There is a playground for children, a water fountain, a strawberry-shaped information room, an apple-shaped toilet and the most iconic is the ferris wheel.
Perhaps not many people know if Batu Town square is the only square in Indonesia that has permanent ferris wheel with 17 cabins that is ready for traveler to use to see the face of Batu Town from a different perspective.
Although to get into the area of ??this square is free but for every traveler who wants to ride bianglala still charged own tariff, the price is not expensive only about Rp. 3,000 only. Around the square are also many vendors who sell food that will accompany the leisure traveler. Just additional information that the slick face of the town square of Batu has occurred since the massive renovation in 2010 and reopened in May 2011.

Coban Rondo Labyrinth Garden

Coban Rondo Labyrinth Garden

Coban Rondo's labyrinth is actually one of the rides in the outbound area. The misguided park uses the green leafy garden with a height of 2 meters. Although the actual size is not large and large, but enough to make the tourists confused to find the center of the labyrinth.

The center of the labyrinth is a space in the middle of a labyrinth that is characterized by a fountain pool as well as several seats. Many travelers try to get help from family or friends who are watching from the top of the tower located near the entrance when entering the labyrinth.

Although the way is somewhat "cheat", no one will ban or rebuke. So, just calm down. Do not be surprised also when you are in the maze because you will find many tourists who are confused and lost.

The number of guides that come out of the mouth of friends who are in the tower sometimes just become its own entertainment for you who are confused to find a way out. Really fun.

Adventure AR Jeep

Jeep tour 4x4 Kota Wisata Batu, crossing hundreds of hectares of apple orchard (on road - fun road), stopover at the highest point of Java Bali, (pura luhur giri arjuna) - tourism coban talun pagupon camp, apache camp (indian house), pancawarna- terrain off-road coban talun.



Paralayang Tourism Batu Malang is one of the tourist attractions in Malang. Paralayang tourism itself has two locations namely the departure location located in the area of Banyak Mountain, and landing location located in the area Songgoriti.
This Paralayang can be enjoyed by everyone from 14 to 60 years old. If the child is less than 18 years old there is an exception that must be with the consent of the parents. In addition to playing paragliding tour Batu Malang, you can also enjoy the incredible natural scenery from the top of Banyak Mount. You can see around the city of Batu which is full of various kinds of beauty.