ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel is strategically located in Bojonegoro's city center. Just 5 minutes' drive from the business district and close to a variety of fun and educational attractions such as GoFun ThemePark, Star Fruits Garden Ngringinrejo, Organic Farming Agroguna, and Central Batik Souvenirs Jonegoroan. An ideal location for both business and leisure travelers.

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Jl. M.H.Thamrin No.100 Bojonegoro 62112,East Java, Indonesia



Aston Bojonegoro City Hotel

Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 100. Bojonegoro 62112,  Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

GoFun ThemePark

GoFun ThemePark

GoFun theme park is the first and largest family fairground in Bojonegoro. Equipped with a souvenir shop and culinary stand and just a 10minute drive from ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel. Open daily from 05.00pm -11.00pm.

Kayangan Api

Kayangan Api is where you’ll find the famous eternal flame and legendary source of original fire. Located in a protected forest in the village of Sendangharjo, Ngasem District,  just 21km south of Bojonegoro. Kayangan Api is a natural geological phenomena as the release of natural gas from the ground ensures the fire never goes out, even with rain. On the west side of  Khayangan Fire, there is a pool of mud that contains sulfur, historically used by the Mpu Kriyo Kusumo to create and craft armor weapons such as Keris. Bojonegoro people still believe that the fire is sacred, and it is used for important celebrations and festivals  like the “making a fire” ceremony at the Bojonegoro anniversary event every year.

Negri Atas Angin

Negri Atas Angin

Atas Angin village in Desa Deling Kecamatan Sekar is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Visitors will be rewarded with stunning views after their hike to the top of the hill, nicknamed Love Hill. Based on local myth, locals say it was the place where Raden Atlas Aji and Ratu Sekar Sari met. An amazing place to witness a beautiful sunrise or stunning sunset. 


Agroguna is an organic fresh fruits and vegetables center in Bojonegoro. Besides selling produce, it also provides educational services about organic cultivation. Visitors can learn about different types of plants, buy a variety of crops and enjoy the culinary preparations from the orchard. Kids will enjoy the reading corner and fishing pond, Agroguna is just 15 minutes from the hotel.



A great new tourist attraction for those interested in discovering the history of oil. This traditional oil mining area in the Kedewan District is located on a hill just 50 km northwest of Bojonegoro. Mining oil wells have been run by the local community since the Dutch colonial era and became the primary means of livelihood for the residents of these villages. You can witness how they manually dig small wells to remove oil and process it in the traditional way.  

Desa Wisata Jono (Batik Jonegoroan)

Desa Wisata Jono is a tourist village where visitors can learn how the unique batik from Bojonegoro is made. Consisting of 14 patterns, each pattern is from a natural resource and plantation in Bojonegoro.

Star Fruit Garden Ngringinrejo

Star Fruit Garden Ngringinrejo

Located just 15km west of Bojonegoro in the Kalitidu District on 48 hectares, Star Fruit Garden offers the sensation of picking sweet jumbo sized star fruit straight from the tree, a unique culinary experience.