Coffee To-Go By ASTON Priority Simatupang
Coffee To-Go By ASTON Priority Simatupang
Coffee To-Go By Aston Priority Simatupang
Aston Priority Simatupang & Conference Center
01 November 2022

Jakarta, November 2022 – According to sources, Indonesia's coffee consumption is one of the largest in the world. Various new coffee shops are opening as the demand for beverage products made from coffee is increasing and selling well in the market. The latest coffee trend is "Coffee-To-Go," which means buying coffee to take away without sitting and drinking at the place of purchase. Besides the great taste of coffee, the "Coffee To-Go" concept is paired with attractive packaging, making it very popular among young and trendy coffee lovers.

To meet Indonesians' demand for this new coffee trend, ASTON Priority Simatupang launched its flagship product, "Coffee To-Go," which includes a variety of flavors, Vanilla Latte, Coffee Latte, Cappuccino Palm Sugar, Caramel Latte, and Original Cappuccino.

The attractive packaging, featuring a range of encouraging words, has made this "Coffee To-Go" very popular with overnight hotel guests and visiting guests. In fact, in just one month, hundreds of coffees were enjoyed by our coffee-loving guests. This coffee-to-go is also practical to carry and doesn't spill easily. No wonder our "Coffee To-Go" has become one of the favorite products in the hotel.

"Because there are more Indonesian people passionate about coffee, we have provided a flagship coffee product with the concept of "Coffee To-Go" at a very affordable price of IDR 25,000 per bottle. Fun designed bottles which are easy-to-carry, these coffees have become one of our customers' favorite products" commented Andi Gevika Rizki, General Manager of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center.

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