ASTON Solo Hotel
29 November 2022

Surakarta, November 2022 - Dozens of traditional Indonesian cuisine have gone or are rarely found today. Thus, this newer generation does not know the culinary heritage of their nation. ASTON Solo Hotel seeks to revive the reputation of traditional Indonesian dishes by launching a Sego Wiwit promo from November to December.

Agus Supriyanto as the head chef of ASTON Solo Hotel, explained why he chose Sego Wiwit, “when I was a kid, I ate Sego Wiwit quite often, particularly when the harvest season and rice planting season came. Unfortunately, the dish is nowhere to be found today. It seems that people are no longer doing this culinary tradition. Therefore, I want to introduce Sego Wiwit so the dish won’t be extinct.”

Sego Wiwit is actually a plate of steamed rice with various side dishes and condiments. Side dishes include fried chicken, tofu, and tempeh. Also served with boiled egg, dried-salted fish, and terancam, a Javanese salad of mixed fresh vegetables like long green beans, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and bay leaves with spicy-aromatic shredded coconut.

"It is a symbol of the farmers' gratitude and hopes to the almighty god so that the harvest will always be abundant," Agus explained.

As a companion for eating Sego Wiwit, ASTON Solo Hotel also provides wedang uwuh, which is the perfect drink during the rainy season like today. Wedang uwuh is made from various kinds of spices such as ginger, sappan wood, cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, cardamom, and nutmeg. As a sweetener, rock sugar is added.

Wedang Uwuh is beneficial for our bodies, especially during the rainy season. It can warm the body, and relieve bloating, coughs, and colds," explained Bastian, FB Manager of ASTON Solo Hotel.

Sego Wiwit is priced at IDR 40,750 and Wedang Uwuh IDR 19,900, including tax and service. Both of these special menus can be ordered via or by clicking the link in the @astonsolohotel Instagram bio. You can also call +62271 788 2000.

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