Highschool Mocktail Competition
Highschool Mocktail Competition
Highschool Mocktail Competition
Aston Inn Batu
01 December 2022

Batu, November 27, 2022, Aston inn Batu held an exciting event to close out November, a competition to make non-alcoholic based mocktails. It was attended by several schools, SMKN 1 Batu, SMKN 1 Delangu - Mojokerto, Prajnaparamita SMK, and SMK Kartika IV-I MALANG.

With Juri Bonny from Principal Toza Juice, Rino as Bar Manager of Aston Inn Batu, and Faisal Putra F. as Certificate Judge, Head Manager of TYE Coffee House, this mocktail competition was supported by top professionals in the beverage industry. 

"To develop bar knowledge and insight into the beverage industry for students, this event was held with local Vocational Schools from Batu. To keep it exciting and fun, the event was a competition between the schools, testing their creativity and encouraging them into the beverage industry when working in the future," said Herdin Ramdani - Food and Beverage Manager.

With a fee of 75K, students received a certificate and a chance to win a share of the prize pot of 1,000,000, which was divided between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The event was held at Arjuna hall lt.9 Aston Inn Batu on Sunday, November 27, 2022. 

The Highschool Mocktail competition event was exciting because it was divided into 3 sessions, the first qualifying session, the semifinals, and the final. The drinks served were extremely creative, and all were made in less than 7 minutes.

With this event, it is hoped that SMK can compete and excel in the Food and Beverage industry in East Java, an area with a fast-increasing tourism industry, and we hope Aston Inn Batu can also become a venue for creative competitions between SMKs. 

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