ASTON Inn Gresik Breaks the MURI Record for the Longest  Milkfish Pepes in Indonesia and the World
ASTON Inn Gresik Breaks the MURI Record for the Longest  Milkfish Pepes in Indonesia and the World
Aston Inn Gresik Breaks the MURI Record for the Longest  Milkfish Pepes in Indonesia and the World
Aston Gresik Hotel & Conference Center
27 November 2022


Gresik, 20 November 2022 - ASTON Inn Gresik has succeeded in breaking the Indonesian Record Museum's (MURI) achievement in the category of the World's and Indonesia's Longest Milkfish Pepes. This record-breaker took place at the Giri Loka Ballroom of ASTON Inn Gresik, serving a 1.4 km long steamed milkfish Pepes. 

"This is a fantastic MURI record-breaking in the culinary field of the archipelago, namely in the form of serving the longest Milkfish Pepes in Indonesia. Gresik Regency is one of the largest milkfish producers in Indonesia, with a milkfish production volume of 90.38 thousand tons in 2021, said S. Paminta Nugraha, General Manager of ASTON Inn Gresik.

The MURI record-breaking is not just about getting an award but highlighting to the public that Gresik is the biggest milkfish-producing area that Indonesia is proud of.

"The process of making the milkfish pepes was assisted by 10 Executive Chefs from several hotels under the auspices of Nusantara in East Java as well as several Culinary Vocational Schools in Gresik. This milkfish was purchased from several milkfish ponds in Gresik Regency with around 9,500 milkfish or approximately 1.5 tons. After being witnessed by MURI, the milkfish paste was distributed to several orphanage foundations, Islamic boarding schools, and local residents." explained Haris Zestya, Executive Chef of ASTON Inn Gresik. 

Joining in the festive celebrations and witnessing the breaking of the MURI record for the longest milkfish pepes in Indonesia was the Head of the Gresik Police, the Head of the Gresik Culture and Tourism Office (Kadisbudpar), the Directors of PT. Dharma Graha Utama, as the Owning Company of ASTON Inn Gresik and members of the Archipelago International Executive Committee.

Drs. Ec Erwin H. Poedjono, Main Director of PT. Dharma Graha Utama explained that there were two goals in breaking the MURI record for the Longest Milkfish Pepes in the World & Indonesia by ASTON Inn Gresik. Firstly, campaigning for the public to fulfill their nutritional content by consuming more fish, especially milkfish, which is rich in protein and omega 3, both essential for brain development and memory. This activity was also to introduce, promote, and raise the name of Gresik Regency as the largest milkfish-producing area in Indonesia.




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