Ramadan Sharing with ASTON Pasteur
Ramadan Sharing with ASTON Pasteur
Ramadan Sharing with ASTON Pasteur
ASTON Pasteur
15 April 2023

Bandung, April 2023 – The holy month of Ramadan is the best month to achieve blessings & rewards by infaq and multiplying practices, one of which is sharing with brothers and sisters in need. As we joyously gather with family, many of our brothers and sisters are still struggling and lacking. Even during Ramadan, everyone wants to feel joyful.

ASTON Pasteur, through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, shares necessities with brothers and sisters at Hikmah Mufakir Istiqomah Orphanage, Bani Salam Orphanage, and Faku Raqabah Nursing Home.

The distribution of necessities in these 3 locations is part of the annual CSR program by ASTON Pasteur, which aims to stay in touch with our brothers and sisters, so all will carry out Ramadan worship with a clean heart.

'The distribution of basic necessities for our brothers is a form of friendship, as well as sharing happiness in this Ramadan.' Said Yogie Fauzi Rizal, Marketing Communication Officer of ASTON Pasteur.

For more information, you can call our phone number or WhatsApp at +62 821-3061-7775 or follow our social media accounts @AstonPasteur and don't forget to share precious moments using the hashtag #AstonPasteur.

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