Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: ASTON Manado Launches UMKM Corner
Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: ASTON Manado Launches UMKM Corner
Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: Aston Manado Launches UMKM Corner
Aston Manado Hotel
15 May 2023

ASTON Manado Hotel launches the UMKM Corner as a form of support for the development of Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) in Indonesia. The UMKM Corner is an initiative by ASTON Manado Hotel to support UMKM in growing rapidly and being highly competitive amidst increasing business competition.

In this UMKM Corner, UMKM entrepreneurs can showcase their products exclusively. The products displayed in the UMKM Corner have undergone strict selection by the ASTON Manado Hotel team and are halal-certified.

The UMKM Corner is specially designed to provide a comfortable and supportive space for UMKM entrepreneurs to showcase their products exclusively. With the UMKM Corner, UMKM entrepreneurs can introduce their products to guests and other visitors.

Furthermore, the UMKM Corner will also serve as a platform for UMKM entrepreneurs to share experiences, knowledge, and networking with other UMKM players. We believe that the UMKM Corner can be an effective means of improving the quality and quantity of UMKM products in the Manado area and its surroundings.

As a form of support for the opening of the UMKM Corner, the Cooperative and SME Agency of North Sulawesi Province and Manado City also attended the event. The North Sulawesi Province Cooperative and SME Agency was represented by the Secretary of the Cooperative and SME Agency, Drs. Yahya Gultom, MAP, along with the team: Ir. Victory Palar, MSi (Head of HR and Business Restructuring), Ir. Tebby Rawung, MAP (Head of Business and Financing), Conny Timporok, MSi (Head of Supervision), Clara Polii, SE, MSi (Head of Institutional Affairs).

The Head of the Manado Cooperative and SME Agency, Mr. Tony Novie Mamahit S.E., M.Si., along with the team: Joice CB. Sumolang, SE (Head of SME), Hetty R. Tampi, SE (Functional Officer of SME), Briyan Ponto, SE (Civil Servant of the Cooperative and SME Agency).

"We currently have 36 products for sale, but our target is to have around 50 to 100 products that buyers can choose from in the future," said I Nyoman Bandisa Sastika, General Manager of ASTON Manado.

ASTON Manado Hotel will continue to commit to providing support and development to UMKM players in Indonesia. The UMKM Corner is one tangible step by ASTON Manado Hotel in helping Indonesian UMKM become more advanced and highly competitive amidst increasing global competition.

The UMKM that have collaborated with ASTON Manado Hotel are as follows:

  1. Ivone Kowijaya (handcraft) (Products: Bags, Earrings, Keychains, Refrigerator Magnets, Caps)
  2. Oleh Oleh Manado (Banana Chips, Fish Floss)
  3. Eufraino (Variety of Instant Juice/Health Drinks)
  4. UKM Karen Manado (Roa Fish Floss, Disco Cashews, Roa Chili Sauce)
  5. Ole-ole Khas Manado SANTJE (Halua Kenari, Cakalang Floss)
  6. Marindi (Goroho Banana Chips with Sugar and Original)
  7. Mami Ani (Goroho Chocolate Banana Chips, Honey, Spicy Honey, Cheese Milk)
  8. Sang Bayu Handycraft / Zabay Collection (Cotton Fabric Crafts)
  9. Brilliant (Manado Cashews, Spicy Cakalang Floss, Roa Chili Sauce)
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