Sparkling Kerinci Coffee at ASTON Jambi Exceptional Taste and Health Benefits
Sparkling Kerinci Coffee at ASTON Jambi Exceptional Taste and Health Benefits
Sparkling Kerinci Coffee at Aston Jambi Exceptional Taste and Health Benefits
Aston Jambi Hotel & Conference Center
01 June 2023

Sparkling Coffee Kerinci

Jambi City, June 2023. ASTON Jambi Hotel & Conference Center, with its Onyx Coffee Lounge and Sky Lounge, introduces its latest menu item, Sparkling Kerinci Coffee, which offers a delicious taste and provides health benefits.

Sparkling Coffee is a perfect combination of unique coffee flavors and the enjoyment created through the carbonation process. This beverage provides a fresh experience for coffee lovers with a more refreshing taste. ASTON Jambi uses Kerinci Arabica coffee, renowned for its excellent taste and aroma. This coffee is chosen for its high quality and unique characteristics that deliver a rich flavor and enticing aroma worth trying.

Not only does Sparkling Kerinci Coffee at ASTON Jambi offer exceptional taste, but it also provides health benefits. The high antioxidant content in Arabica coffee helps protect the body against free radicals, reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and lowers the risk of degenerative diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The management of ASTON Jambi recognizes the popularity of carbonated beverages and the current trend for unique drinks. In an effort to continually provide memorable and distinctive experiences, Sparkling Kerinci Coffee is served in a more elegant manner. The coffee beans are coarsely ground, then placed in a moka pot with a ratio of 1:15 and heated to the desired level of maturity. Once the coffee is brewed, it is cooled, poured into a glass, and mixed with 15 ml of honey. Ice cubes are added, followed by liquid nitrogen charger, and whipped until full. Finally, it is poured into a glass and garnished with slices of dried orange and edible flowers, making Sparkling Kerinci Coffee ready to be enjoyed.


Gusti Wanda, the SPV of Lounge & Bar at ASTON Jambi, expressed his excitement as a barista at ASTON Jambi to introduce Sparkling Kerinci Coffee to their guests. This innovation is a response to the latest beverage trends, and Gusti is confident that guests will love this drink's fresh sensation and unique taste. Gusti added that besides providing a unique experience, guests who order Sparkling Kerinci Coffee can enjoy various health benefits, such as increased energy, support for brain, liver, and heart health, weight management, as well as reduced stress and depression levels.

Sparkling Kerinci Coffee will be available at ASTON Jambi, specifically at the Onyx Coffee Lounge and Sky Lounge, throughout the month of June 2023, priced at IDR 40,000,-++ per glass. Not only coffee is available at ASTON Jambi outlets, but a list of other food and beverage menus can be found on their Instagram bio @aston.jambi. For reservations or more information, guests can call 0741 33 777 or message via WhatsApp at 0812 9073 3777.



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