Kids Muslim Camp, Educational Holiday with Islamic Theme in the Hotel
Kids Muslim Camp, Educational Holiday with Islamic Theme in the Hotel
Kids Muslim Camp, Educational Holiday with Islamic Theme in the Hotel
Aston Priority Simatupang & Conference Center
06 July 2023

During the school holidays for mid-2023, parents are busy organizing vacation plans for their children to make the most of their time off. They seek fun-filled holidays that also offer educational activities. To meet this demand, non-formal educational institutions, tourist attractions, and hotels provide various educational holiday options. One such option is the ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center.

After the successful Kids Muslim Camp event held during the December 2022 school holidays, the ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center once again hosted the Kids Muslim Camp in July 2023. This unique educational holiday is designed to prioritize Islamic values, offering children a meaningful and enriching experience.

During school holidays, it is common for Indonesian parents, who are predominantly Muslim, to involve their children in Islamic activities. However, there have been instances where some children have shown reluctance to participate due to uncomfortable venues, uninteresting learning experiences, difficulties in socializing with other participants, and other similar reasons.

To address this challenge, ASTON Priority Simatupang took the initiative to organize the "Kids Muslim Camp" program. This program is aimed to provide children aged 5-12 years with a unique experience inspired by the concept of a Modern Islamic Boarding School. Participants had the opportunity to stay in four-star hotel rooms equipped with top-notch international standard services and facilities. Throughout the event, participants enjoyed delicious dinner, snacks, and breakfast, alleviating any concerns about meals. Additionally, each participant received a comprehensive set of toiletries and sterile towels, ensuring their comfort and convenience.

ASTON Priority Simatupang's Kids Muslim Camp embraces the concept of "learning through play" for children of various ages. The program focuses on imparting important soft skills that cultivate independence, self-confidence, social abilities, and effective teamwork. Children are taught Islamic values and good manners as a crucial foundation before delving into deeper Islamic teachings. To ensure an engaging and enjoyable learning experience, the camp features Kang Didin, also known as the Indonesian Fairytale Warrior, who skillfully designs intriguing and interactive learning programs, making the educational journey interesting and captivating for all participants.

In the Kids Muslim Camp, the children were encouraged to develop their ability to recognize their peers and were assigned special tasks that aimed to enhance their understanding of their friends' characters. Throughout the camp activities, including study time, bedtime, prayer, waking up, and various other designated tasks, children were taught the value of discipline. To make the learning process more engaging, rewards or prizes were offered to children who demonstrated excellent adherence to instructions, further enhancing the overall appeal and interest in the educational experience.

"Holidays will be more meaningful for children if filled with fun educational activities. because, basically childhood is a phase of playing and learning. This is important for parents who can also provide holiday activities for children as well as a learning tool. Therefore, ASTON Priority Simatupang as a child-friendly hotel feels moved to create educational activities like this Kids Camp” commented Andi Gevika Rizki, General Manager of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center.


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