ASTON Manado Hotel: Offering Premier Halal Tourism Experience in Manado
ASTON Manado Hotel: Offering Premier Halal Tourism Experience in Manado
Aston Manado Hotel: Offering Premier Halal Tourism Experience in Manado
Aston Manado Hotel
26 July 2023

ASTON Manado Hotel is proud to announce that it has become the first hotel in Manado to receive the prestigious Halal certification from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) on May 30, 2023. This recognition demonstrates the hotel's commitment to providing halal food, making it the ideal choice for Muslim travelers seeking an unforgettable and worry-free halal tourism experience.

The Halal certification from MUI strengthens ASTON Manado Hotel's dedication to meeting the needs of Muslim guests. Under the guidance and supervision of MUI, the hotel has successfully implemented strict standards and procedures to ensure that ASTON Manado's food products comply with the halal requirements set by Islamic principles.

"We are delighted and proud to be the first hotel in Manado to receive the Halal certification from MUI. This achievement reflects our commitment to providing exceptional service and meeting the needs and preferences of our Muslim guests," said I Nyoman Bandisa Sastika, General Manager of ASTON Manado Hotel.

As a certified halal hotel, ASTON Manado Hotel offers services that adhere to halal standards. The hotel's restaurant serves delicious dishes that have been certified halal, prepared with utmost care and in compliance with halal guidelines. Muslim guests can enjoy their meals with confidence, knowing that the food has been prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

Halal certification is of significant importance in the tourism industry, particularly for hotels and restaurants. With an increasing number of Muslim travelers seeking experiences that align with their religious beliefs, ASTON Manado Hotel's halal certification allows it to attract a broader market segment and enhance its competitiveness as a leading tourist destination in Manado.

In addition to offering halal food services, ASTON Manado Hotel also ensures the comfort and convenience of Muslim guests by providing facilities that support their prayers, such as clean and well-maintained prayer areas.

The success of ASTON Manado Hotel in obtaining the Halal certification from MUI not only brings business benefits but also helps strengthen Manado's image as a Muslim-friendly tourist destination. Muslim travelers from around the world can now feel more confident and comfortable choosing ASTON Manado as their accommodation during their visit to the city.

With this progressive step, it is hoped that other hotels in Manado and Indonesia as a whole will follow ASTON Manado Hotel's lead in providing Muslim-friendly services. This will have a positive impact on Indonesia's tourism as a whole, increasing the number of Muslim visitors and ultimately contributing to the country's economic growth.

In promoting this achievement, ASTON Manado Hotel can utilize various social media platforms, websites, and other marketing materials to showcase their halal certification. By doing so, they can attract more prospective Muslim guests and build closer relationships with the Muslim traveler community worldwide.

With the Halal certification from MUI, ASTON Manado Hotel has proven its commitment to providing the best services to Muslim guests. Hopefully, this success will inspire other hotels to follow suit, making Indonesia a leading halal tourism destination in the world.

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