Royal Lounge, Right Choice for Several Activities
Royal Lounge, Right Choice for Several Activities
Royal Lounge, Right Choice for Several Activities
Royal Malioboro
07 August 2023


Photo: Royal Lounge Outdoor, Royal Malioboro by ASTON

Lounge is one of the facilities that can never be separated from hotel industries. The lounge is one of the hotel facilities offered to its guest both inside and outside. One of them is Royal Malioboro by ASTON, which offers a rooftop lounge facility which is one of the hallmarks of Royal Malioboro by ASTON.

Royal Malioboro by ASTON presents the Royal Lounge which is located on the 9th floor or top floor of the hotel it has direct access to the infinity swimming pool and offers 360o views of the famous Malioboro Street and Yogyakarta’s Train Station with congested train traffic. Royal Lounge itself has an indoor and outdoor area as well as a bar inside of the lounge. Off course, the facilities offered comfort to the guest for staying longer. In the evening, you will be the witness to the beautiful sunset view at their golden moment. Thus adding to a pleasant stay experience.

Royal Lounge also offers food and beverages as your companion while chilling with friends, families, or colleagues. In addition, Friday I’m In Jazz is also presented every Friday Night, and also Tunes Meriment every Saturday Night to add to the warmth of the guest enjoying their time at Royal Malioboro by ASTON.

The Royal Lounge at Royal Malioboro by ASTON is undoubtedly a significant and attractive facility within the hospitality industry. As a part of the hotel’s amenities, the lounge caters to both hotel guests and visitors from outside the hotel, making it a versatile and inviting space for various occasions.

Located on the 9th floor, the rooftop Royal Lounge offers an exceptional experience with its stunning views of the Malioboro tourist area and Yogyakarta Besar Stations, which is known for its busy train traffic . The lounge’s proximity to the infinity pool adds to its allure, providing guests with a unique 360-degree perspective of the surroundings.

The Royals Lounge’s thoughtful design includes both indoor and outdoor area, ensuring that guests can enjoy their time comfortably regardless of the weather. the indoor area, which features a bar, allows for a cozy and relaxing ambiance, making it an ideal spot to unwind and socialize. 

Moreover, the lounge offers a delightful dining experience with a variety of food and drink options, making it an excellent place for socializing with colleagues and family. The regular live music performances, such as Friday I’m in Jazz and Tunes Meriment on Saturdays, contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere , further enhancing the guests’ overall stay experience. 

With its picturesque sunset views from the outdoor area and a range of engaging activities, the Royal Lounge at Royal Malioboro by ASTON stands out as a remarkable facility that adds to the pleasure and comfort of the guests during their stay.

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