Terus Maju Untuk Indonesia Maju at The Grove Suites by GRAND ASTON
Terus Maju Untuk Indonesia Maju at The Grove Suites by GRAND ASTON
Terus Maju Untuk Indonesia Maju at The Grove Suites by GRAND Aston
The Grove Suites by Grand Aston
18 August 2023

Jakarta, 17 August 2023 – In honor of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day, The Grove Suites by GRAND ASTON is delighted to announce a festive celebration that pays tribute to the nation's rich history and cultural heritage. The event, set to take place on August 17th, promises an exciting blend of tradition, camaraderie, and patriotic fervor.


As part of the celebrations, The Grove Suites is hosting a traditional contest that brings together both staff and hotel guests. This contest serves as a platform to showcase Indonesia's diverse cultural legacy and highlight the unity that lies at the heart of the nation's identity. Participants will engage in a series of traditional games and activities that have been passed down through generations, fostering a sense of community and shared history.


The hotel premises will be adorned in the iconic red and white colors of the Indonesian flag, symbolizing the unity and sacrifice that led to the country's independence. The décor will create a visually captivating atmosphere that resonates with the pride and patriotism of the occasion.


Adding to the authenticity of the celebration, operational staff members will proudly don costumes inspired by the attire worn by Indonesia's independence fighters. This gesture not only pays homage to the bravery and determination of those who fought for the nation's freedom but also allows guests to immerse themselves in the spirit of the past.

Mr. Berri Naurika, General Manager of The Grove Suites by GRAND ASTON, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, "Indonesia's Independence Day holds immense significance for our nation, and we are thrilled to commemorate it in a manner that reflects our shared values and history. We believe that this celebration will not only entertain but also educate our guests about Indonesia's journey to independence."


The Grove Suites by GRAND ASTON extends a warm invitation to all its guests and associates to participate in the festivities and join in the celebration of Indonesia's 78 years of freedom. The event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for everyone to come together, learn, and appreciate the country's cultural heritage while creating cherished memories.


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