ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel Holds
ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel Holds
Aston Bojonegoro City Hotel Holds "Band" Festival with the Theme "Kundika Dream Band"
Aston Bojonegoro City Hotel
15 September 2023

Bojonegoro, September 2023 – ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel organized a band festival with the theme "Kundika Dream Band." The 6-story hotel organized this event as part of its commitment to create a unique platform, especially for the young people of Bojonegoro, to showcase their creativity in the field of music. Kundika Lounge, where the festival took place, was the perfect venue due to its versatility in hosting various events. In addition to billiards, live music, and karaoke, ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel allowed all musicians and bands from Bojonegoro and its surroundings to compete on Friday, September 15, 2023.

The General Manager of ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel & favehotel Sudirman Bojonegoro, Mr. Panca Daru Widyasto, stated that organizing this music competition is an excellent way to nurture the artistic potential of the younger generation while utilizing the facilities and enlivening Kundika Lounge.

"We want the people of Bojonegoro to become accustomed to coming to the hotel, and we want Kundika Lounge to be a place for anyone to express their creativity in any field. With this band festival, our hope is that, in addition to being a place to hang out and play billiards, Kundika Lounge can continue to be utilized by the young people of Bojonegoro and its surroundings to express their musical talents," said Panca.

Six groups competed in the festival, with two judges, namely Andik Bahtiar and Faris Sigit from Bojonegoro Rock City, hoping to provide a fair and sportsmanlike competition for all parties involved. The winners of the band festival were Behave Band, Eunioa Band, and Prisha Band.

For participants who did not achieve victory in the competition, it is hoped that they will not be disheartened but rather evaluate and improve their musical skills individually or as a group, and look forward to the next band festival event at Kundika Lounge, ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel.

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