ASTON Batam Hotel Presents Inaugural Body Contest
ASTON Batam Hotel Presents Inaugural Body Contest
Aston Batam Hotel Presents Inaugural Body Contest
Aston Batam Hotel & Residence
06 November 2023

Batam, November 6, 2023 — ASTON Batam Hotel will witness a grand event, the "Body Contest ASTON Batam," scheduled for November 19, 2023, in the Cypress meeting room on the first floor, starting at 10:00 AM until completion. This event will showcase some of the finest competitors in the bodybuilding world who are ready to compete for victory.


Distinguished judges, both nationally and internationally renowned, will be in attendance to ensure a fair evaluation. National judge Iwan Samurai, a National Bodybuilder, will be joined by Malaysian judge Zetri Munir, a Bodybuilder from Malaysia, as well as local judges Thambrin and Suardi Rambo, who are bodybuilders from Batam. They will carefully assess the participants to determine winners in various categories.

Winning participants will not only receive prestigious recognition but also attractive prizes. Cash gifts of tens of millions of rupiahs along with various awards such as trophies, medals, and certificates, awaits the victors.


For those interested in participating in this competition, the registration fees are affordable. Super Beginner and Beginner categories have a registration fee of 200,000 Rupiah per person, while the New Muscle and Middle Muscle categories have respective fees of 250,000 Rupiah and 300,000 Rupiah per person.


Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of this challenging Body Contest ASTON Batam. Showcase your potential, earn accolades, and be a part of this prideful bodybuilding competition!




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