Silent Serenity: Embracing Nyepi in the Heart of Bali.
Silent Serenity: Embracing Nyepi in the Heart of Bali.
Silent Serenity: Embracing Nyepi in the Heart of Bali.
Aston Canggu Beach Resort
15 February 2024

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, February 12, 2024, Nyepi Day is a significant celebration for the Hindu community, observed at the turn of the Saka year. Before the peak of the celebration, a series of traditional ceremonies are usually held with the aim of ensuring the smooth execution of Nyepi.


Nyepi Day takes place in the tenth month, precisely one day after the new moon of the ninth month, which typically falls in March or April of the Gregorian calendar. Hindus believe this day marks a clean slate to begin their lives in the new Saka year. To facilitate the tranquility of Nyepi, all entrances and exits to Bali through air, sea, and land are closed for 24 hours.


The traditional rituals during Nyepi include several components. The first is the Melasti ceremony, held in the Kesanga month. This ceremony involves purifying pratima (sacred objects), tools, and ceremony equipment by parading them to the sea, lake, or river. Pratima serves as a symbol of the Gods/Bhatara used as a means to worship Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.


Next is the Pengrupukan ceremony, also known as Tawur Kesanga or Tawur Agung. This ceremony aims to maintain the balance of the universe and protect humans from disturbances by bhuta kala.

Specific rules must be followed:

  • Amati Geni: No lighting of fires/lamps.
  • Amati Karya: No physical work/activities.
  • Amati Lelungan: No traveling.
  • Amati Lelanguan: No entertainment/recreation.


“As a native Balinese, I sincerely hope for the participation of all tourists who wish to experience Nyepi in Bali. Nyepi is a cultural heritage that should be respected and appreciated by everyone.” remarked Yuni, Director of Sales Marketing at ASTON Canggu Beach Resort.


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