ASTON Manado Hotel Successfully Hosts Heartwarming Iftar Gathering
ASTON Manado Hotel Successfully Hosts Heartwarming Iftar Gathering
Aston Manado Hotel Successfully Hosts Heartwarming Iftar Gathering
Aston Manado Hotel
03 April 2024

In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, ASTON Manado Hotel proudly hosted an iftar gathering that was marked by solemnity and warmth. This event was attended by representatives from top hotels in Manado, members of the local media, and various community members, celebrating the essence of togetherness.

The event commenced with the melodious recitation of the Holy Quran by Ustad Abdurahman, setting a reflective tone for the evening. This was followed by a welcoming speech from I Nyoman Bandisa Sastika, General Manager of ASTON Manado Hotel, who highlighted the importance of unity and community during Ramadan.

A highlight of the evening was the inspiring Ramadan lecture by Al Habib Zein Bin Smith, which touched the hearts of attendees with messages of kindness and self-reflection. The lecture served as a reminder of the significance of sharing and caring in this holy month.

In line with its commitment to social responsibility, ASTON Manado Hotel also presented donations to AN Nur Orphanage and Perkamil, aiming to spread joy and alleviate some of their burdens during Ramadan.

The event saw participation from renowned hotels in Manado such as Sintesa Peninsula, Luwansa, Aryaduta, Whizprime, Novotel, and Sentra, showcasing a strong solidarity among the hospitality industry in Manado.

Media representatives, including those from Tribun Manado, Manado Post, and RAL FM, were present to capture this moment of communal harmony, ensuring the event's precious moments were well documented and shared with the wider community.

ASTON Manado Hotel hopes this iftar gathering not only serves as a cherished Ramadan moment but also strengthens the bonds of fellowship among individuals, communities, and institutions present.

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