Weekend with Kartini at ASTON Priority Simatupang
Weekend with Kartini at ASTON Priority Simatupang
Weekend with Kartini at Aston Priority Simatupang
Aston Priority Simatupang & Conference Center
21 April 2024

Raden Ayu Adipati Kartini Djojoadhiningrat or, known as R.A Kartini is an Indonesian hero who fought for women's equality in all fields. Every year, on April 21, the Indonesian people commemorate Kartini Day in various ways and traditions. For those who live in Jakarta and its surroundings, activities and events related to the Kartini Day celebration on Sunday, April 21 2024, were found at ASTON Priority Simatupang.

This 4-star hotel, located in the business district of Simatupang area, South Jakarta, held various activities specifically dedicated to remembering and continuing R.A Kartini's struggle related to equality, health, and appreciation for women as follows:

  1. Proud to wear a kebaya

Kebaya is a typical Indonesian women's clothing that has existed since the 15th or 16th century. Its philosophy symbolizes the elegance, simplicity, gentleness, and determination of Indonesian women. For this reason, ASTON Priority Simatupang invited hotel guests and all employees to wear Kebaya on Sunday, April 21, 2024. Wearing a Kebaya preserves the richness of Indonesian culture. Hotel management gifted special prizes to guests who wore the most unique and authentic kebaya clothing that day.

2. Demo for Making Healthy Juices for Seven Days

'Respecting yourself is the first step to achieving true happiness.' is a quote from one of R.A Kartini's letters. To continue R.A Kartini's struggle for gender equality in various fields, young Indonesian Kartini must respect and love herself and implement a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious food. On Sunday, April 21, 2024, from 07:30 to 09:00, WIB, ASTON Priority Simatupang held a demonstration activity on making seven fresh juices, ideal for seven days of consumption. Guests could also interact with the hotel bartender and try making a juice or ask about the benefits and process of making juice. Through this activity, the hotel emphasizes the importance of fruit and vegetable intake for the body. The fresh juice made was distributed free of charge especially to female guests.

3. Serving Indonesian Fusion Dessert for Female Guests

In the culinary industry, Fusion is a culinary innovation created by combining two different cultures. Especially for female guests staying on Sunday, April 21, 2024, ASTON Priority Simatupang provided Indonesian Fusion Desserts to all female guests and delivered them directly to their rooms. This dish served was klepondadar gulung and kolak which had been modified into a modern dish.

4. 'Kartini My Hero' Coloring Activity for Children

Apart from activities for adults, ASTON Priority Simatupang also provided coloring equipment complete with Kartini Day-themed drawing paper in the Kids Playground area located in the Jagakarsa room on the third floor of the hotel. With this activity, it was hoped that children would get to know one of Indonesia's heroes who fought for the independence of women's rights.

'If the old proverb says that behind a successful man, there is a great woman, then the same is true in the business world, especially the hotel industry. Behind the success of a hotel, there are great women. For this reason, we appreciate R.A Kartini's struggle because if it weren't for her struggle in the past, Indonesian women might not have been able to stand as they do now, get an education equal to men, and occupy high positions in corporate institutions, especially in the hotel sector. Therefore, it is important for us to organize a series of activities dedicated to the celebration of Kartini Day, such as an educational activity on the importance of health with making healthy juice for seven days, pride in wearing a kebaya, children's painting activities with the theme of Kartini Day, as well as providing special gifts for guests. 'Our female guests enjoyed the celebrations and activities and were appreciative,' said Andi Gevika Rizki, General Manager of the ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel.

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