Celebrating 9th Anniversary of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center
Celebrating 9th Anniversary of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center
Celebrating 9th Anniversary of Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center
Aston Priority Simatupang & Conference Center
07 May 2024

According to numerology science from various sources, the number 9 is represented as a symbol of humanity, new beginnings, wisdom, spiritual awakening, and leadership. Therefore, the number 9 is a special number for some people, including business institutions such as ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center. Celebrating its 9th birthday, on Tuesday, May 7 2024, the management of this four-star hotel made a donation of IDR 9,999,999 to the Panti Sosial Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung (home for disabled people), along with basic necessities. Apart from that, on the same day, the hotel management also gave hundreds of praline chocolates in the shape of the number 9 to all guests at the hotel for free.


During its 9 years of operation, ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center has also achieved various achievements including; 3rd highest revenue in Archipelago International Indonesia in 2023, Business Hotel of the Year Award in 2021 from the Travel & Hospitality Awards, Loved by Guest Award in 2021 from Hotels.com, Traveler's Choice Award in 2021 from Tripadvisor, Certificate of Excellence in 2019 & 2016 from Tripadvisor, The 1st Runner Up, Best Modern Fusion Restaurant for Canary Coffee Shop in 2019 from NOW, The Best Experience in Food Premium DKI Jakarta in 2019 from Traveloka, Customer Review Award in 2018 from Agoga.

With these achievements during 9 years of operation, this hotel carries the theme "The Glory Journey" to celebrate its birthday with the philosophical meaning of the 9 year journey of Glory. Apart from that, ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center  also held a giveaway program on Instagram with the prize of a free stay in one of its hotel rooms. The method is quite easy, participants are required to follow the Instagram account @astonsimatupang, like and share the giveaway content in one of the @astonsimatupang Instagram profile feeds, as well as write comments by mentioning other family or friends' Instagram accounts. Lucky participants will be announced on Monday, May 27, 2024 on Instagram Story.

'Currently, ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center has been operating for 9 years and has gone through many ups and downs, from when it was first established, facing the Covid-19 pandemic, to having to return things to the way they were before the Covid-19 pandemic. ASTON Priority Simatupang has greatly contributed to the tourism industry by receiving numerous awards from various parties and providing the best for the surrounding environment. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all parties and stakeholders who have supported ASTON Priority Simatupang until now. We would like to share the celebrations with our Family at the Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung social institution, and pray we will always get God's blessings and ASTON Priority Simatupang can continue to operate smoothly, from us, to all of you, and to all of us. ' said Andi Gevika Rizki, General Manager of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel.

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