The Art Of Coffee Mixology
The Art Of Coffee Mixology
The Art Of Coffee Mixology
Aston Inn Batu
06 August 2022



                                                                    Photo: Speaker Didik Rocki Wahyono GM -ASTON inn Batu 

Creatively resurrecting energy in a beverage, sharing coffee trends currently favored by Gen Z, and supporting the Batu City tourism industry in the field of FB, Aston Inn Batu held The Art of Coffee Mixology!

Aston Inn Batu's restaurant, Belis Kitchen and Bar located on the 8th floor, became the venue for The art of Coffee Mixology with presenters Mr.Paul - Master Class, Mr. Ega Herdhianta - Bar Take over, and Mr. Didik Rocki Wahyono, GM Aston Inn Batu - Business Goals. These presenters, experts in their fields, covered the complete product process journey from materials to sales.

The art of coffee mixology is the process of mixing coffee with vodka, the latest trend in producing exciting and delicious cocktails. Rows of coffee shops in Batu City reveals Indonesians' love of good coffee, and this love has been expanded in a creative way to produce coffee-flavored cocktails.

"As long as the coffee trend continues and there are still many coffee lovers, my answer is' Yes' that the coffee industry will continue to grow. The important thing is that we have to be creative in following the developments of social media trends and memes that can affect the lifestyle of young people," said Didik Rocki Wahyono, GM at Aston Inn Batu.                  

New enthusiasm and ideas emerged from several questions asked during the Q&A season, from the coffee-making process to the business idea factor regarding coffee mixology. The event ended with a bar takeover while introducing a new drink from Belis Kitchen and Bar, namely Belis Colada.




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