Aston Inn Batu
01 September 2022


Live cooking Mongolian BBQ in the cool temperature of Kota Wisata Batu

Batu, August 2022- ASTON Inn Batu prides itself on its culinary skills and experimental dishes created to match the cold temperatures of this exciting city. From an interesting fusion of Japanese and American cultural food to our talented chefs mixing chicken, seafood, meat, and vegetables in Latin American spices. 

 For the month of August and September, ASTON Inn Batu presents a Mongolian BBQ menu at its Belis Kitchen and Bar Restaurant on the 8th floor, with an extraordinary atmosphere and stunning views of the city lights at night.

This Mongolian BBQ promo is served every Saturday from 6 - 9 pm with a live band performance to accompany this lively and delicious evening dinner. Guests can enjoy this all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ at Aston Inn Batu for 125k pp. 

"The cold temperatures of Batu City make it suitable for enjoying Mongolian BBQ dishes, which we individually chose based on the temperature match, while the rooftop restaurant setting makes dinner an unforgettable experience," said Alfen, Executive Chef - ASTON inn Batu




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