Must Try! The Most Popular Mexican Food in Indonesia
Must Try! The Most Popular Mexican Food in Indonesia
Must Try! The Most Popular Mexican Food in Indonesia
Aston Priority Simatupang & Conference Center
08 September 2022

Must Try! The Most Popular Mexican Food in Indonesia

Jakarta, September 2022 – Mexican cuisine is the new food trend hitting many big cities in Indonesia. The taste is similar to Indonesian cuisine, with many sensational spices, using fresh ingredients to produce spicy, sour, and savory flavors. Therefore, Mexican food is suitable for the Indonesian tongue and becoming hugely popular.

Two of the most popular dishes are tacos and burritos. Various food outlets, from street stalls to local restaurants to four-star hotels, are now serving Mexican food. One of which is the ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center, now offering their Mexican promotion in their Canary Restaurant from September to October 2022.

Located in the business district of Jl. TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, this hotel provides two popular Mexican dishes, Beef Fajita Tacos and Seafood Burritos.

  1. Beef Fajita Tacos

Beef Fajita Tacos are one of the most popular traditional Mexican foods. Made from tortillas stuffed with beef, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes cooked with orange juice, vinegar, garlic, and fajita seasoning, it has become one of Indonesia's favorite snacks. These Beef Fajita Tacos are served with extra cheese, Pikante sauce, and sour cream to add a savory taste.

The right way to eat tacos is to use your hands, then dip them in the three additional sauces provided, tomato salsa, chimichurri sauce, and sour cream, for an authentic Mexican food sensation.

  1. Seafood Burritos

Besides tacos, another popular Mexican food is Burritos. This food has a shape resembling a Turkish Kebab and is often called the Mexican Kebab. Unlike tacos, Burritos are made with large flat circle tortillas with a soft texture, rolled up with various dense fillings, one of which uses processed seafood.

Seafood Burritos consist of stuffed shrimp, crab sticks, paprika, onions, lettuce, cheese, enchilada sauce, and spices served with sour cream and tabasco sauce.

“The worldwide Mexican food is currently popular in Indonesia, therefore ASTON Priority Simatupang presents two favorite menus, namely Beef Fajita Tacos and Seafood Burritos at a price of IDR 80,000 nett per menu. This taste is also suitable for the tongue of Indonesians who like the distinctive taste of spices with the sensation of savory, sour, and spicy mixed together” commented Andi Gevika Rizki, General Manager of ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center.

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