Pondok Indah Mall

Pondok Indah Mall

Pondok Indah Mall (Indonesian: Mal Pondok Indah) or PIM is a large shopping complex located in Pondok Indah suburb of South Jakarta, Indonesia. The Pondok Indah Mall, or referred to by Jakartans by its acronym: "PIM" complex: is actually three large malls, the older 3-storey PIM1 and the newer 5-storey PIM2, interconnected via a two elevated multi-storey pedestrian walkways (Skywalk North and Skywalk South) which also are tenanted by speciality shops. PM 3, which is now under construction, is connected with other two by underpass. In January 2017, Forbes recognised Pondok Indah Mall as one of the top five shopping malls in Jakarta.

The architectural style was understated elegant conventional mall, with flooring continually updated until its present condition of polished Indonesian marble and granite. The architecture roughly imitated Dutch colonial large-scale warehouses with extensive steel-truss interpretation of Dutch structural timber-work for an innovative illuminating central skylight (double-glazed for minimising heat transfer) and featured three airy floors of shopping with a narrow open-floor gallery (made safe via decorative fencing). The exterior featured aluminium cladding for minimal maintenance in the harsh tropical climate.